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Erin Leonard


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"This is the perfect “How-To” book for parents who are looking for concrete answers on how to Parent better. Her examples are real AND her insights are spot on."

Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD.

Dr. Erin Leonard has been a practicing psychotherapist for 20 years. During her time at Children’s Memorial Medical Center, she was awarded the Shaw Research Award. She was recently a contributing expert to for a special feature on the 12 Worst Habits For Your Mental Health. She is also an author for and Red Tricycle. Dr. Leonard has also appeared on WGN and FOX affiliates in Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Memphis, Atlanta, and Phoenix. She is a TV contributor for WISH TV Indianapolis, WNDU South Bend, and WSBT South Bend. Also, an award winning author of Loving Well, The Key to Satisfyingand Joyful Relationships, she received the Bronze Living Now Award in 2016. Her most recent book, How To Raise A Secure Child, Parenting With Empathy is available now at In 2018, Dr Leonard was awarded the title of worldwide leader in healthcare and inducted into The International Association of Healthcare Providers. Yet, her favorite title is “mom” – of two silly and sassy 10 year olds who have taught her the most about life.

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Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD.


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What does it mean to be emotionally terrorized? Imagine living in a relationships that has you feeling like it would be easier if you were abused.Sometimes emotional and psychological abuse can leave wounds that feel even worse that physical pain. Dr. Erin Leonard gives a voice to the victims who suffer silently within the confines of this relationship dynamic. Exploring the world of hurt, confusion and chaos. With the help of detailed case studies, stories of pain and survival are beautifully articulated through examples of Dr. Leonard's patients. The cases are real and you may picture yourself - or someone you know - in one or more of these shared stories. Gain understanding of what you are up against, and to fight with wisdom.

Currently, the divorce rate is over 50% and steadily increasing. Almost everyone these days suffers from anxiety and depression, and not many people in committed relationships are having consistent physical intimacy. Why? Because emotional closeness has been lost emotional closeness with someone alleviates depression and anxiety. It leads to satisfying physical intimacy, and it sustains joy, trust, and satisfaction in a person's life. It also produces secure and unanxious children. A large portion of the population is emotionally unevolved, which means, they are less capable of sustaining emotional closeness in their relationships. If you lack emotional closeness in your current relationship, this book will inform you on how to get the love and closeness back before it is lost forever.

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