Couples Counseling in Mishawaka

Are you interested in communicating better with your partner? Are you looking for a way to argue less? Are you struggling to maintain intimacy but can’t figure out why?

If so, couples counseling might be for you. Every relationship has its ups and downs. By learning how to communicate effectively and listen to one another, you can prevent the downs before they occur and pull yourselves out when they do. It’s hard work. But for committed couples, it’s worth it.

Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. is a trained psychotherapist and professional couples counselor. With her specialized training and years of experience in the field, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. has helped countless couples in Mishawaka (and beyond) rediscover intimacy and establish the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Do I Need Couples Counseling?

Many people mistakenly believe that couples counseling is only for couples that are experiencing relationship problems. The fact is, couples counseling is useful for anyone that wants to establish a solid foundation for a serious and committed long-term relationship.

The main objective is improving each partner’s ability to communicate with the other. That means creating a space for speech and a space for listening. It means opening up a landscape of mutual respect in which each partner can feel whole and free to express themselves.

Book your first confidential couples counseling session today and benefit from Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD.’s wealth of experience helping couples overcome challenges in their relationships. Rediscover that feeling of love and connection that drew you to one another in the first place!

What Our Couples Counseling is About

Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD.’s couples counseling is not about repairing a broken relationship. It’s about giving couples the tools they need to forge a loving and lasting relationship.

So whether you are going through a rough patch and feel like you’re experiencing a communication breakdown, or you want to build a solid foundation for the future, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD.’s couples counseling is for you.

ouples Counseling for All Couples

A lot of misconceptions exist in Mishawaka about couples counseling. Many people think that couples counseling is only suitable for married couples whose relationship has run past its prime or a relationship that has been damaged by infidelity or trauma.

Those are simply misconceptions. Couples counseling is for any couple that is looking to develop better communication strategies or overcome roadblocks on their way to a secure and loving future. Whether you’ve been dating two months or two decades, married or unmarried, and no matter what sexual orientation or gender identity describes you, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. can help resolve the most common issues in your relationship and help you identify your strengths as a partnership––not only your weaknesses.

ssues Couples Counseling Can Help With

Every couple faces their own share of hardships and difficulties in life. It’s important for everyone in Mishawaka who is considering couples counseling to know that in the course of her practice, she has helped couples resolve issues on the scale from small to extreme. You and your partner are welcome to a safe and judgment-free environment to explore the pressures of your relationship, no matter what those are. Some of the most common issues that couples discuss with Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. are:

  • •Anxiety, depression, and mental illness in the context of relationships
  • •Difficulties with extended family or parents-in-law
  • •Disagreements over finances or money
  • •Difficulties with children or parenting
  • •Infidelity, whether emotional or physical
  • •Gender identity and gender roles in a partnership
  • •Sexuality and sexual expression in a partnership
  • •Nonmonogamy or alternative arrangements
  • •Drug use and addiction
  • •Poor communication skills or deceit
  • •Physical, emotional, or financial abuse

Marriage Counseling in Mishawaka

Marriage can significantly change the structure of a relationship. It’s not just an affirmation of your love. It’s also an opportunity to share the diversity of your life with another person. During the course of a marriage, you might experience financial struggles, devastating loss, professional success, the birth or adoption of children. There are ups and downs. Sometimes you’ll be able to support one another and at other times, even for the most devoted couples, it can feel impossible.

For married couples who are struggling through family emergencies or financial difficulties, marriage counseling can be an effective plan of action. The skills that Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. will help you learn will help you form a bond that’s deeper than ever. There is, after all, a lot to lose if the marriage doesn’t work. Rediscover what made it so special in the beginning by calling Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. today.

Premarital Counseling

Millennials, it seems, are interested in building healthy relationships. And it’s changing the landscape of relationships across the country. One thing they’re doing is waiting longer to pick the right partner for them. Another step is a form of couples counseling known as premarital counseling.

In premarital counseling, couples learn the tools and skills they need to build healthy, lasting marriages. It’s not about having problems. It’s not about ignoring problems and letting them fester under the surface. It’s about preventing them before they can occur. It’s about changing the terms of conversations so that communication can be open and honest at all times.

Your First Couples Counseling Session

Many couples are nervous before they first visit a licensed psychotherapist. In most cases, the problems that caused the couple to seek out counseling existed long before the first session was booked, and so a lot of anxiety and anticipation can be riding on the very first session.

If you’re worried about your first session, know that from the get-go, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. is looking to create a safe, welcoming, and trusting environment so that everyone can express themselves.

Your first session will be a gentle exploration of the issues that brought you into couples counseling. By the end of your first session, we’ll develop a plan to help resolve the issues in due time.

About Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD.

Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. is a licensed psychotherapist with several books published on parenting, childhood development, and developing resilience in life.

For more information on the skills and experience she brings to the table, navigate to the About Us page above.

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