Family Therapy in Mishawaka

Are difficulties or worries within your family keeping you up at night?

Life can get overwhelming, and as circumstances evolve many of us notice changes in the tone of relationships with our spouse or child. This happens in even the happiest, strongest families. However, many of us would rather remain silent and ignore the elephant in the room instead of articulating and addressing the issue.

If you find yourself in need of professional, compassionate family therapy services, consider reaching out to Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD..

As an award-winning psychotherapist for over twenty years, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. has the insight and experience to guide you and your family towards strength and wellness. She offers a tranquil and patient listening ear, free of judgment or interruption, and provides invaluable wisdom into your situation.

Whether you’d like to discuss the circumstances of your marriage or evaluate your relationship with your children, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. has the counseling you need.

Together, we will identify the underlying issues, explore and consider solutions, and work towards permanently strengthening the family ties that bind.

If you are a Mishawaka resident searching for a family therapist, call Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. today to schedule your session!

About Family Therapy

Family therapy is an all-encompassing type of psychotherapy that focuses on dynamics and issues within the family.

As families change and grow together, various challenges can arise. Stressors and tensions in response to these challenges can affect communication patterns in the family, which makes the task of problem resolution more difficult.

Even the initial decision to opt for family therapy sessions is an empowering one. Recognizing that there are issues that require resolving is an indicator that you believe your family deserves better. Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD.’s vast experience as a psychotherapist with children, couples, and families will help to put you on the path to inner peace.

Family therapy is intended to facilitate communication between family members (specifically parents and children), foster a dynamic of empathy and understanding, and help to develop conflict-reducing strategies at home. It can be particularly impactful in times of difficulty or transition, such as death, divorce, remarriage, or another major life change.

Family therapy is designed to address a number of issues pertaining to the family unit. These are specific to each family, and can include parenting, step-parenting, blended families, parent-child and parent-teenager relations, grief, and divorce. General family conflict, such as concerns over financial or lifestyle status, can also be addressed and discussed.

Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD.’s sessions offer a safe space where any topic can be brought to the table, and solutions can be found together.

Your Family Therapy Session

When you arrive for your session with Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD., it is generally most helpful if the entire immediate family is present. Your session will take place in a warm, comfortable environment where you will be encouraged to relax and feel at ease.

Here, you do not have to keep up appearances or dodge certain subjects. This is a place of healing and empowerment, where each party should feel free to discuss the issues on their mind.

You may wish to discuss a particular issue or situation, or perhaps a more general personality trait or action.

Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. encourages you to be as honest as possible during the sessions—neither falsely flattering nor overly critical. Honesty is the best policy in repairing strained family relations.

After your session with Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD., it is likely you will feel a sense of calm and an ability to assess your family dynamics with a new sense of objectivity.

To schedule your family therapy session in Mishawaka, give Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. a call today.

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