Family Therapy in Mishawaka, Indianapolis and Chicago

Effective and Discreet Family Therapy in Mishawaka, Indianapolis and Chicago

A famous author once wrote that all happy families are alike, but every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. In Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD.’s work providing family therapy and private counseling to the citizens of Mishawaka, Indianapolis and Chicago, she has noticed that clients come to see her for any number of reasons, but the desired outcome is always the same: making unhappy families happy again.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is private counseling that aims to fix the relationships of a group of people. Many people associate family therapists with marriage counselors, but family therapists often deal with issues between parents and children as well as unmarried couples. The long and short of it is that anyone providing family relationship counseling services is looking to improve communication skills and heal inter-family trauma, for whatever and whomever you call family.

Does My Family Need to See a Marriage and Family Therapist?

Ultimately, the only person that can answer that question is you. Of course, there are no families or relationships as perfect as the ones we see on television, and to create the ideal of some perfect family only hurts the individuals who live in the real world. Human relationships are messy and complicated, and there are many ways for them to go wrong.

But with that in mind, your family or your relationship should be a source of love and comfort for you, not a source of stress. If you or your loved ones walk away from most interactions feeling drained, depressed, upset, or even angry, perhaps it’s time to see if the services of a qualified marriage and family therapist are right for you.

Does Relationship Therapy Really Work?

There are many strategies a qualified marriage and family therapist can apply to try to mend emotional wounds between members of a family. When you see Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. for private counseling, you can rest easy that every aspect of your conversation is kept completely discreet and confidential. Dr. Erin does her best to listen to your family’s concerns without letting any one member direct the conversation.

By asking the right questions, Dr. Erin can identify where communication has broken down and offer helpful suggestions. Whether you go for 12 sessions or only have time for two, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. prides herself on her empathetic and knowledgeable approach and over 20 years of providing counseling to Mishawaka, Indianapolis and Chicago residents.

While Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. can’t promise a tidy resolution to every problem your family might face, taking a proactive stance can do a lot to improving the emotional health and stability of your relationsh


Mishawaka, Indianapolis and Chicago’s Most Qualified Psychotherapist

Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. has been providing high-quality and licensed therapy to Mishawaka, Indianapolis and Chicago residents for over 20 years. An award-winning author as well as a licensed psychotherapist, Dr. Erin will provide her signature mix of compassion and practical advice to help your family heal from whatever emotional ailment they are facing.

For better and more secure relationships with your loved ones, call Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. today. Let us show you how to heal a broken heart.

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