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Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. is an award-winning author, researcher and psychotherapist.

With 20 years of experience providing psychotherapy for children and adults, she is committed to improving the mental and emotional well-being of all her patients, whom she treats with compassion and consideration.

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Safe Space: Psychotherapy Services

As a loving mother and a therapist that specializes in family counselling and child psychology, she provides caring and effective therapy for families, children and couples seeking help.

Her practice provides a safe and open space for her clients to be heard, understood and helped. In every case, she uses her down-to-earth expertise to create an environment where you feel welcomed and accepted.

An Experienced Therapist for Adults, Children, Couples and Families

Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. has a proven track record of improving clients’ emotional and psychological well-being.

Over the course of her many years in the field, she has provided insight into the world of mental health wellness on WGN and FOX affiliates in Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Atlanta, Memphis, and Phoenix. She is also a TV contributor for WISH TV Indianapolis, WNDU South Bend, and WSBT South Bend.

Her practice specializes in providing effective therapy for children, young adults, couples, families, and victims of emotional and psychological abuse. However, her practice is a welcoming environment for all people in need of help.

Considerate, Compassionate Psychotherapy

Dr. Leonard’s years of experience have given her the expertise to handle all mental-health subjects with sensitivity and prudence. She is particularly capable of helping victims recover from psychological and emotional trauma. Her compassion ensures that she handles all individuals’ needs with the care and consideration they deserve.

Her therapy sessions are completely confidential and individualized to her clients’ needs. They are designed to accelerate the healing process so that her clients can recover their independence and emotional well-being.

An Award-Winning Psychotherapist and Author

Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. is proud to be an award-winning psychotherapist and author. Her achievements have been recognized by television networks, her colleagues, and by medical institutions. Based on her work at the Children’s Memorial Medical Center, she was awarded the Shaw Research Award.

Her books have helped countless readers recover their strength and emotional well-being. Her previous works include Emotional Terrorism: Breaking the Chains of a Toxic Relationship and Loving Well: The Key to Satisfying and Joyful Relationships.

Her most recent book, How to Raise a Secure Child: Parenting with Empathy, has received widespread attention from news networks and psychological professionals. She is also a contributing expert to, author for and a weekly blogger for Psychology Today.

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With her exceptional achievements and years of experience, Dr. Leonard is a leading therapy professional for all who need help reaching the road to mental and emotional wellness.

If you’re seeking therapy for anxiety or depression, or seeking relationship and parenting advice, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. is here for you. If you need to speak to someone, she is here to listen. She is here to help.

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