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Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. is an award-winning researcher, author, and psychotherapist. For over 20 years, she has provided caring and compassionate psychotherapy services to help the people of Mishawaka recover their well-being and improve their mental health.

With years of training and a clear understanding of what goes into providing a compassionate approach to psychotherapy, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. is a psychotherapist like no other in the Mishawaka area. She will always do her utmost to make sure that your emotional health and wellbeing is maintained and taken care of.

She specializes in child and family psychotherapy. However, her practice is a safe and open space for anyone in need to be heard, understood, and treated. Whether you are a parent, couple, or an individual adult, she is here to help.

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Psychotherapy Services

All individuals experience hardships in life, after all. Seeking counseling from a trained psychotherapist is the first step to a more fulfilling life. While seeing a psychotherapist will not magically fix all your problems—working with Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. will give you the tools you need to build resilience, balance your moods, and keep you focused on your goals when life gets challenging.

Counseling from a trained and licensed psychotherapist such as Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. can also help alleviate symptoms and improve functioning with a wide variety of mental illnesses and traumatic events, as listed below.

Our complete list of psychotherapist services is described below this paragraph. Read them, then give us a call to schedule your first counseling session.

Psychotherapist for Individuals

Seeing a psychotherapist is the most effective way to help individuals overcome a wide variety of struggles they may have. Adults of all stripes and sorts can use a little help from time to time. No matter if you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, or even just adjusting to the normal pressures and hardships that everyone experiences throughout life, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. can help you rediscover a sense of joy and peace within yourself.

Psychotherapy sessions are completely discreet, confidential, and we partner with a wide variety of health insurance networks throughout Mishawaka. Each one-hour session is patient-directed, meaning that we focus on the issues most important to you. We may enquire about past experiences as a way to frame issues in the present, but you won’t be endlessly rehashing old arguments or exploring your childhood in your sessions—we keep things in the here and now, in order to best serve our clients.

There is no problem that psychotherapy cannot treat. With Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD.’s experience and renown in dealing with common psychological problems that affect adults throughout their lives, and your own inner strength and resilience you can overcome any challenge.

An Experienced Therapist for Children and Families

Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. specializes in psychotherapy for children, parents, and families in general. She utilizes a unique approach that brings all party members closer together, building trusting and loving connections between them.

She uses a combination of empathic and conflict-resolution techniques to validate individuals’ feelings and help her clients raise secure and confident children. She promotes a loving relationship so that all family members feel loved, empowered, and appreciated.

She also specializes in helping children and family members overcome psychological and emotional trauma. Her compassion and commitment to her profession ensures her patients recover their mental well-being as quickly and effectively as possible.

Couples Psychotherapy

Seeing a psychotherapist is one of the most effective and proven ways to resolve conflicts or communication issues between couples. Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. accepts all romantic relationships and orientations for our couples counseling. You don’t need to be in a strictly monogamous, heterosexual, or married relationship to benefit from couples’ therapy with a licensed psychotherapist in Mishawaka. We’re open to all life experiences—after all, no matter what the configuration of the couple, many common relationship problems are universal.

Together, we’ll explore the root of the conflicts that have brought your partnership into psychotherapy and learn new ways of communicating that seek to undo harmful past patterns and bring your partnership into a bright and hopeful future.

Like all psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD., your sessions are completely discreet, and all information discussed with your psychotherapist is completely confidential and protected by law.

A Safe and Confidential Psychotherapy Practice

Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. provides a safe, empathic, and welcoming environment for all patients. She uses a down-to-earth approach that helps her patients process their emotions and begin down the path of healing. Her practice is a non-judgmental and open space for everyone to be heard, understood, and helped.

She is committed to protecting your well-being and your privacy. Every session is held in strict confidence with Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD., who shares none of the information between her and her patients. At her practice, you can rest assured that your privacy and confidentiality are safe.

Choose the Caring and Compassionate Psychotherapist

Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. handles all topics with sensitivity, compassion, and prudence. She helps her victims overcome psychological barriers that may be inhibiting their psychological development. Her sessions are renowned for accelerating the healing process and helping her patients recover their emotional well-being.

She is adept at helping vulnerable patients, particularly those who have survived psychological and emotional trauma or abuse. She handles such cases with the compassion and empathy that they deserve, in turn helping survivors reclaim their lives and improve their mental health.

Conditions That a Psychotherapist Can Help With

If you’re wondering what medical conditions a psychotherapist can help with—the answer is very many! Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. does not prescribe psychiatric medication, but therapy sessions can bring symptom relief and help dismiss irrational thought patterns in the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Schizophrenia and Delusions
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Other Mood Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Overcoming Stressful and Traumatic Experiences
  • Dealing with Chronic Pain and Illness
  • Terminal Illness in One’s Self or Loved Ones

If your condition isn’t marked on this list, don’t fret. Seeing a psychotherapist can help you too. Simply call and ask if our treatments are right for you.

The holistic approach that Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. takes to psychotherapy means that she can design a service that is tailor-made to meet your individual needs, whatever they may be. So, if you are reading this and struggling to cope with many of the day-to-day pressures that plague normal people all the time, then you need to make sure that you don’t suffer in silence.

One Sure Sign You Need to See a Psychotherapist

If you have been suffering with feelings of depression or anxiety in recent years but haven’t found an adequate solution through medicine, prescription or otherwise, then it is a sign you need to try something different.

The simple fact of the matter is that, from time to time, our own coping system fails us and that is when we need the help of a professional. Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. offers a compassionate and impartial therapy session that will put your needs front and center. So, if you’ve gone through the ‘talk to a friend,' ‘exercise’ and ‘online solutions’ phase, then you need to give Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. a call today!

See a Psychotherapist in Mishawaka

Has your nightly sleeping pattern been disrupted in recent months? Do you find yourself worrying about things that didn’t disrupt you in the past? Or maybe you just feel a little isolated and are uncertain about what your future looks like? If any of these situations sounds familiar to you, then you need to enlist the services of a psychotherapist that you can truly believe in.

Award-Winning Psychotherapist Service

For Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD., psychotherapy is all about providing tangible results for those who need her help with an issue. She treats every patient individually and never applies a one-size-fits-all approach to the work she carries out. Through her interactions with patients of all ages in the Mishawka area, she has developed an approach to psychotherapy that is both clinically sound as well as caring and compassionate.

Given the high-quality of the service she provides, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. has earned a reputation for being a leader in the psychotherapy field and this has aided her role as both a keynote speaker and regular television contributor. She has appeared on WGN and FOX affiliate channels in Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Memphis, Atlanta and Phoenix. On top of that, she is the award-winning author of Loving Well: The Key to Satisfying and Joyful Relationships and Emotional Terrorism: Breaking the Chains of a Toxic Relationship.

Her most recent book, How to Raise A Secure Child: Parenting with Empathy, examines the benefits of an empathic parenting approach and how it helps children become empowered, confident, and loving individuals. It has received widespread recognition from her peers and news networks as a landmark contribution to the study of parent-child relationships.

She has also been the recipient of the Bronze Living Now Award in 2016 and also awarded the title of worldwide leader in healthcare and inducted into The International Association of Healthcare Providers.

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With her outstanding achievements, her years of experience, and her time-tested empathic approach to psychotherapy, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. provides all her patients with the care and compassion that they deserve and the expertise that they need to reclaim their life and improve their mental health.

Whether you’re seeking a therapist for anxiety or depression, for parent-child or couples relationship advice, or for emotional and psychological trauma recovery, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. is here to help you recover your emotional well-being.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact her today.

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