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Has your nightly sleeping pattern being disrupted in recent months? Do you find yourself worrying about things that didn’t disrupt you in the past? Or maybe you just feel a little isolated and are uncertain about what your future looks like? If any of these situations sound familiar to you, then you need to enlist the services of a psychotherapist that you can truly believe in.

Mishawaka | Indianapolis

Couples Therapy

Leo Tolstoy once wrote that every happy family is exactly alike, but each unhappy family had their way of being unhappy. However, after years of professional experience helping couples in Mishawaka find common ground, heal wounds, and rekindle the romance in struggling relationships, Dr. Erin Leonard, PhD. would say that’s not all that correct.


Couples Counseling

If so, couples counseling might be for you. Every relationship has its ups and downs. By learning how to communicate effectively and listen to one another, you can prevent the downs before they occur and pull yourselves out when they do. It’s hard work. But for committed couples, it’s worth it.

Mishawaka | Indianapolis

Family Therapy

Are difficulties or worries within your family keeping you up at night?

Life can get overwhelming, and as circumstances evolve many of us notice changes in the tone of relationships with our spouse or child. This happens in even the happiest, strongest families. However, many of us would rather remain silent and ignore the elephant in the room instead of articulating and addressing the issue.


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