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Dr. Erin Leonard has specialized in child and adolescent Psychotherapy for many years. She is skilled in relationships, bullying, and parenting. She has written several books and publications about these subjects. Dr. Erin Leonard is also an individual therapist, consultant and speaker.

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Dr Sonego and Associates counseling in the Mishawaka area can get your relationship back on track.

  • Learn the key for effective communication and improved intimacy.
  • Benefit from counseling sessions that restore fun and passion.
  • Address challenges in your relationship with effective communication and conflict resolution.

Relationship breakdown

Many couples attempt to handle conflict and the delicate aspects of their relationship on their own. This often leads increased negativity when one or both partners feel criticized, defensive or unheard. The result is an increased breakdown in communication where many couples become further alienated from one another.

Re-Building a connection.

Over time, many couples report spending less time with one another, resulting in decreased intimacy. Limited free time and excessive responsibilities can contribute to couples spending less time together, laying the foundation for increased conflict. Financial problems, stressful family of origin dynamics, trust issues, and many other challenges may result in a complete communication breakdown.

Dr Leonard therapists work with couples to regain a positive perspective, restore intimacy, and find solutions to the challenges they face. Learning to communicate important concerns and focusing on shared goals are key components in rebuilding a relationship.

Essential skills for a healthy relationship.

Understanding how to listen and when to talk using communication methods that promote understanding and resolution requires guidance and practice. Dr Sonego and Associates couple counseling services offers effective and essential tools to sort through the challenges that threaten the harmony of your relationship.

Restore the strength and unity of your family.

Family therapy is designed to help identify, resolve and ultimately shift relationship patterns and create new healthy dynamics that benefit each member. The wellbeing of any individual is greatly affected by their home environment. Dr Sonego and Associates family counseling services in the Mishawaka region provides professional guidance where families learn to communicate and resolve conflict respectfully and build upon the existing strengths of each member and resolve challenges.

  • Divorce or separation
  • Dealing with difficult teen behavior
  • Addiction with one or more family members
  • Step parenting and blended family issues
  • Conflicting parenting styles in blended families
  • Ongoing conflict between one or more family members
  • Understanding a family member who is dealing with depression or other mental health issues
  • Loss of job or financial difficulties within the family
  • Death and loss in the family

Dr Sonego and Associates counseling sessions for couples in Mishawaka and surrounding areas, focuses on decreasing tension and shifts the emphasis onto shared relationship goals, counselling, and therapy. Restore and create a new vision for your relationship by calling (574) 271-8222 for more information.

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